What are Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns are like mini hot air balloons. They are made of non-flammable, biodegradable material. A wick is suspended from the frame (cross hairs) which is lit enabling the flying lantern to fill with hot air and float off into the sky.
They were invented in China in the 3rd century AD by a military strategist called Zhuge Liang as a way of sending signals. Since that time they’ve grown in popularity and have begun to be used at carnivals throughout the world.

In calm conditions you can watch your flying lanterns lift to over 1200 feet, before they become a distant speck of light on the horizon.

Traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals, many people release Sky Lanterns to symbolise the release of your worries and problems.

What is the proper name for Sky Lanterns?

It’s a difficult to lock down the name of sky lanterns since their name varies right across the world. They’re known as Kongming lanterns, sky candles, flying lanterns, and UFO balloons. In Thailand they are used in just about every type of celebration as a way of sending away bad karma. Sometimes people attach their hair to the lanterns as an act of release and a symbol of a fresh start. Most Thai people will write a private message on the lanterns then release them and watch as they float away into the sky.

Sky Lantern are also known by a variety of different names around the world, including; Fire Lanterns, Kung Ming, Khoom Fay, Khom Loy, UFO Shaped Balloons, Fire Balloons, Candle Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Glow Lanterns, Paper Hot Air Balloons, Chinese Flying Lanterns.

Where can I buy Sky Lanterns?

You can buy them at many places but some places charge much more for the exact same product and claim they have developed the product themselves. We’ve bought and compared the cost and quality of lanterns from plenty of different sources over the past few months generally found that the quality of the lanterns remain the same no matter what the cost.

Skylantern.in is the best value for money, we give quick delivery and the sky lanterns come individually packed. Some people charge much more for the sky lanterns, since there’s been an increase in the demand. So make sure you shop for sky lanterns from the best place!

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