Eco-Friendly Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns are made of non-flammable, biodegradable material.

In today’s world when we are so concern about our environment and when people burn fire crackers, people are curious about lots of fun but sometimes forget about the conditions they leave behind once all the fun is over: the debris from the expended firecrackers and their ecological impact.

When the fire crackers return to the ground, animals can try to eat them and get seriously injured from them. Much of the concern centers on livestock which can actually die from ingesting the remains of fire crackers. Other concerns surround the environmental impact of the waste left on the ground, introduces dangerous substances into the environment. To help alleviate the impact of crackers to the environment and to animals, now there is a new way to it ie sky lantern that are earth friendly.

Eco sky lanterns are the solution to the destructive problems that linger long after the celebration is over. Eco sky lanterns are biodegradable, meaning that their ecological footprint is minimal. This is the environmental friendly product which is also the alternative to fireworks.

By flying eco sky lanterns, people can still enjoy their beauty without having the guilt or harming animals and the environment on their conscience.

As part of celebrations, sky lanterns are launched together in large quantity to create a beautiful and curious spectacle that can be seen from far away in the night sky. The world record for simultaneous sky lantern flights was achieved in Jakarta, Indonesia when an estimated 4,000 participants launched 10,318 lanterns at the same time as part of a Freedom Faithnet Global celebration.

Although sky lanterns are often released in large numbers, they are equally curious when released one at a time. To see the light ascend high above the earth and then vanish into darkness is to inspire wonder in the hearts of young and old alike. Eco sky lanterns help people enjoy the rich tradition of sky lanterns without leaving behind a dangerous legacy after the fun is over.

SKY LANTERN keeps the environment free from pollution.

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