Instructions to release a Sky Lantern

For those unfamiliar with using Sky Lanterns, it can be helpful to follow this step by step guide to how to unwrap and launch your Sky Lanterns before attempting it yourself.

In an open-air space well clear of trees and buildings, check wind conditions – do not attempt to launch the sky lantern in heavy wind, and be aware of the change that any light wind will make to the sky lantern’s flight path (this can be greater than you may expect)

  • Open the plastic sleeve at the fold at the top and carefully pull out your Sky Lantern and safety instruction insert.
  • Carefully unfold your sky lantern, taking caution not to rip the delicate rice paper. Ensure Sky Lantern is fully open and corners are not creased.
  • Carefully remove the square piece of rice paper covering the fuel cell ONLY.
  • Hold the sky lantern from the top and gently tug out the sides of the lantern to open it up, so that the flame of the fuel cell will not burn onto the rice paper.
  • Lighting with two people (RECOMMENDED): Have one person hold the top of the Sky Lantern and ensure the sides are opened out enough to create a good air chamber within the sky lantern. Light the corners of the fuel.
    Lighting with one person: Hold the sky lantern from the top with one hand and carefully set fire to the corners of the fuel cell using a lighter with the other.
  • Once the fuel cell has caught alight, hold the sky lantern upright from the top and wait for it to fill up with hot air which can take anywhere between 30 seconds and 4 minutes depending on conditions. The Sky Lantern will feel lighter and will gradually rise.
  • Be patient – Do not attempt to throw the sky lantern into the air just guide it and let it go by itself– wait until you can feel it tugging away from your hands and allow more time if unsure. When you let go the lantern should fly right up into the sky.
  • Stand back and watch it float up into the sky.
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