christmas sky lantern

Sky Lanterns at Christmas

Here at Sky lantern India, we love Christmas as much as the next person. All that tinsel and pressies piled under the tree, not forgetting, of course, the delicious roast dinner that will await us on the day. For some, however, the idea of getting into the Christmas spirit comes a little earlier in the year than one might expect; getting the frenzy of excitement as elevated as possible is of utmost importance. In addition the lighting of the sky with the glow of sky lanterns adds up beauty to the festival.

Sky Lantern India- Christmas Special Packs

Whatever your views on Christmas and how early it should be celebrated, getting your hands on some of our Christmas special sky lantern packs can be a great idea. With the glow of entertainment, all will be enthralled as you watch the glowing colorful sky lanterns float away into the night, reminding everyone of what we have to be excited for later in the year.
For more information about sky lanterns, or if you’d like to share any of your special Christmas celebration rituals with us, please do get in touch. Sky Lantern India look forward to hear from you!