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Wish Lantern

Sky lanterns also known as wish lanterns are traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals, many people release Wish Lanterns to symbolise the release of their worries and problems. Simply write down your wish on the wish lantern and release it to make your wish come true.

  1. I need sky lanterns.More than 10000 (ten thousand pieces)
    Quote me your best f.o.b. price at your earliest.

  2. we want to organize a sky lantern event and we want to place an order of 300 sky lanterns and we are from Lovely professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab. We want the lanterns before 19th November. Kindly give me a call at +91-9781989239 as soon as you receive this message.

    Vishal Nigam

  3. We have an upcoming fest and would like to incorporate the sky lanterns in our mega nite. Please provide us your best quote for 3000 lanterns and the date by which we can expect delivery. Also is it possible to write on them post delivery or would it be required for us to mail you all 3000 messages? Are there sponsorship avenues that you would like to explore, as we can assure a huge customer contact. Time is of the essence.

  4. i want 200 sky lanterns can u give the the price details

    • Hi Chiranjeevi!

      We can provide you with 200 Skylanterns for Rs.70/pc as mentioned on our website.
      Please give us your contact details or call us on +91-9997122774 so that we can contact you.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Sky Lantern Team

  5. Hello, I want 23 colourful ones and the best would be if we can someone good messages on them. Please let me know the best of the cost and if it is possible to get them in Mumbai or you can ship to mumbai.

    • Hello!
      Yes we can ship them to Mumbai.
      We do custom printing on the skylantern but for 23 pieces it wont be possible.
      23 skylanterns with premium fuel cells will cost you Rs.110/pc

  6. I need skylanterns.I want to see how they look like as there are different varieties and design…i need to buy according to the design…can u give me the price details and any contact no. where i can call you and ask about that only…its very urgent…thank you

    • Hi,
      We have different shapes of skylanterns. At present we have the oval and the football shape.
      You can call up on +91-9997122774 for more details.

  7. Hii. Just came across your site. Could you please describe your products more graphically. There are very less pictures that tell us about the product. Please upload pictures and videos so that we could know if it is exactly what we are looking for.

  8. Hi, i’m praveena, from Delhi. I need 101 make a wish air-floating lanterns, out of which only in one lantern, i need to get a customized picture printed with a personalized message on it. Kindly let me know the details like expense involved, time consumed, delivery mode etc.
    waiting for a reply from you soon.

    • Hello Praveena,
      We can get the customized printing on all the lanterns but not just one.
      101 printed skylanterns will cost you Rs 105 per piece plus the delivery charges.
      We send the lanterns through courier.
      It will take approx 2-5 working days for the skylanterns to reach you after the date of confirmation.

  9. do u have led ballons. if pls kindly send me details of them and rate as well. thanks

  10. whts the cost of water lanterns

  11. hii… we want to organize a sky lantern event and we want to place an order of 300 sky lanterns . Please provide me best quote for it. Kindly give me a call at +91-9806085315 as soon as you receive this message.

    Arpit Richharia
    GWALIOR ( M.P.)

  12. Hi, I need to place an order for 50 sky lanterns, and 10 water lanterns. Do u have candle bags? How do i place an order? How much do they cost? Also plz send me a few pics of both the lanterns. Thanks!
    PS: i tried calling on ur num but it says the number doesn exist!

    • Pack of 50 skylanterns will cost you Rs 5000, water lanterns are for Rs. 60 each and pack of 10 candle bags is for Rs.350.
      You can place the order on our website of by sending us a confirmation mail.
      Please check that you dialed the right number, ie. 9997122774

  13. we want to organize a sky lantern event and we want to place an order of 300 sky lanterns. We want the lanterns before 1st November. Kindly give me a call at +91-9762417575 as soon as you receive this message.

    Vijay Mhamane

  14. Hi!

    We wanted to buy some water lanterns. However there are no photos of either the box or the lotus lanters. Could you please mail me some


  15. we want to order around 1500 sky lanterns for an event in our college. can u tell d cheapest possible deal price ???

  16. i want wish lanterns for our new house.
    i need about 10. so is there a standard design and pattern or customized???

  17. hi
    i m utkarsh from indore (m.p.)
    i want 10 pieces of sky lanterns
    and few pieces of led baloons..
    first of all i wanna know..can i get a customized picture of some person on one of the sky lantern..
    like a big photograph on the paper of sky lantern..
    and a happy birthday message on the rest of them..

    and i also want to know that the led baloons can be filled with helium so that they can rise high in sky.. ?


    • Hello Utkarsh…
      It is not possible to print the photograph on the skylantern.
      We get single colour printing done on the skylanterns for an order of 100 pcs or more.
      Helium can be filled in the LED Balloons but we are out of stock with it.

  18. Hi
    Do you have LED balloons. If not when are they going to be available?


  19. i require 25 sky lanturns for 28 th of jan 2013 in mumbai,What’s the best price i could get??

  20. Hi… I want to order for sky lantern… I want for a marriage event cn u just Mail me different options n pictures of that for the same. Thanks..

  21. can i get a set of 20 white sky lanterns???

  22. Hello Admin,
    I’d like to buy 100 (at least) “premium” sky lanterns for my brother’s wedding. This would be my first experience, so I want the complete hassle-free experience. Can we print in Marathi language on the lanterns? If yes, please let me know. Please quote details about price (incl), payment method, and everything ASAP. Thank you !

  23. Dear Sir,
    I want 50 sky lanterns quoted Happy New year
    Yours thankfully

  24. Where in Mumbai can I release the skyy lanterns?? I live in Parel, right in the centre of the city. Can I release it from my terrace (5 floor building)? Is there a risk that to the neighbourhood?

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