Sky lanterns light the "Festival of Hope" for Copenhagen

Sky Lanterns at Lotus Temple

A chilly December evening in Delhi witnessed the participation of NGO activists from Oxfam India, Greenpeace, IYCN(Indian Youth Climate Network) and Christian Aid along with the general public at Lotus Temple in Delhi to usher in the foundation for FAB (fair, ambitious and binding) talks at Copenhagen.

The mega event was initiated with a dialogue platform through which rural community people from diverse backgrounds of language, regions, agricultural practices etc shared their experience of being direct witnesses to climate change. The event also saw the participation of religious leaders from varied religious backgrounds of Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam as they showed their solidarity with the cause of climate change. The event culminated into the releasing of hundreds of sky lanterns in vibrant colors with the message of “Save the Climate, Act Now!” printed on them that showcased the array of hope for the cause of securing our climate in a more just and sustainable way.

Post the event NGO activists visited the residence of Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh who left for Copenhagen talks yesterday night to congratulate him on structuring India’s official stance on Copenhagen negotiations as mentioned in his Lok Sabha speech. Reva, a young volunteer from IYCN urged the Minister to not bow down to the developed world and to ensure that the concerns of the AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States) countries are not disregarded by India. The ethos of mass mobilization displayed by this event can be regarded as a paramount stance of grassroots lobbying where citizens enthusiastically contacted their legislator to persuade him about their important issue of climate change as it’s faced in a unique way by their part of the world.

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