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Add an element of wonder to your evening wedding festivities with an awe-inspiring display of sky lanterns. Sky lanterns are common in many Asian countries at festivals and events. They’re quiet, beautiful and symbolize your troubles and worries floating away.

Why fork over thousands of rupees on fireworks? Sky lanterns quietly and gracefully fill the sky with light while climbing slowly and gently into the nighttime sky like mini hot air balloons. Sky lanterns are commonly known as “wish lanterns,” guests can write wishes, thoughts or special messages and watch them float away to the heavens.

Sky lanterns are large 100% biodegradable and flame-retardant tissue paper balloons. An easy to light wax paper fuel cell at the bottom fills the sky lantern up with hot air. When filled they gracefully rise into the air, floating for as long as 20 minutes and not coming back down until they have completely burned out. Even on a perfectly clear night they will float out of sight.

While Sky lanterns can be used day or night, they are best flown at night when their light can easily be followed through the darkened sky. Light several sky lanterns at a time for a gorgeous evening display that will have your guests blown away.

  1. Kindly let us know, if same can be made available in shirdi(500 kms )from mumbai for wedding function.

    • Dear Neelima,
      You can order the wedding pack or any amount of sky lanterns online by visiting the ‘buy now’ page. Just click on the ‘buy now’ option given on the website. You can also contact on 09997122774.
      Your order will be sent to you by courier as soon as the order is confirmed.
      Sky Lantern Team

  2. In addition to explaining why it works; please explain how you use it.

  3. Can you give a price for the eco friendly ones. Would like them sent to the USA. Thank you

    • Thank you for your interest in Sky Lanterns.
      If you want them sent to the USA, I would suggest you to get them from USA itself. As the freight from India to USA will be to high.
      For any other queries feel free to mail at or call us on +91-9997122774

  4. I really want sky lanterns for my wedding day. But I dont think all the guests would be comfortable launching them…so is it possible for you to send a team over to do that for us? The wedding will be in Delhi. Also, during Februaruy, what will be the best time to launch them?

  5. Hi: What is the difference between the regular and premium lanterns?

    • The paper quality is different.
      Also there is a difference the fuel cell.
      The Premium ones take a quicker flight.

  6. Hi, I need this for my wedding. Cud you please let me know the price for this. I locate in dilshad Garden, but need this for wedding in Moradabad UP

  7. how long do you take to get the lanterns delivered, once the order is placed.

    • We dispatch the lanterns within 2 days from the confirmation of the order. It will take approx 2-6 days to reach the destination.

  8. Hey!!
    What is the cost of the pack of lanterns for wedding?
    How many are given in a pack?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Deepti…
      The cost of wedding pack is Rs.7000
      There are 50 skylanterns in the pack. You can see the details when you click on the product.

  9. i need paper lanterns for indoor decoration of sizes: 12″ 18″ 22″ 24 ” in bright yellow organge violet purple , dark prplely blue , can u send me the details for paper and sky lanterns?

  10. hey..i want it in the month of october..and the first week of oct. is usually when it drizzles! and i’ll be needing around 21 of these lanterns! now the doubts regarding these lanterns are:-
    1.will it fly if its very windy?
    2.if it rains a little bit is it fine?will they fly high above?
    3.and can one person light 21 of these lanterns? or will i need a group of people to do so!

    • Hello!!
      We do not suggest to fly skylanterns when it is windy as that can be risky.
      When it drizzles, the lanterns wont fly as they are made up of paper and the fuel cell is lighted with fire. It wont work if it gets wet.
      For 21 lanterns, it is better to have a group of people.

  11. Could you please let me know the cost to courier this to Goa.

  12. i would like to see few images of the lanterns. where can i find them?

  13. I am in Nepal I liked your product
    I want to sell in plz suggest how we can do
    Also let us what all comes in wedding packages.

  14. hi i want to buy Sky Lantern for my husband’s b’day kindly help me if u can…. where can i get this

  15. Hi, i need this for my reception evernt. it is a open ground however it’s surrounded by buidling. is it safe to fly this skylanterns?

  16. Please let me know minimum size of sky lantern available with you along with the price

  17. Hi,
    couple of months ago i bought pack of ten from you for my son’s 1st birthday. It went really well and we are happy to see them flying well. Thank you 🙂

    Now I am looking for a bigger pack, may be wedding pack. Before that I would like to understand the difference between regular and premium versions. I guess what I had previously was regular. Please clarify.

    0 99017 66116

    • To the Sky Lantern teamJust thought you would like to know the Sky Lanterns pheaucsrd for our Daughters wedding made a brilliant day just magical. The effect was amazing, and left many of our guests speechless at the beautiful spectacle.Many thanks Carol and Michael Cullen.

    • Hello..
      The difference is between the fuel cell and the quality of paper.
      For further details please feel free to contact us…

  18. Hello,
    I would like to order sky lanterns for my sisters wedding which is scheduled in the last week of November. However, before that I would like to get a pack of 10 wedding sky lanterns (SKU 00006) to check the size and other things. How long will it take to deliver the order for 10 lanterns?

  19. I would like to know where you’ll are located, so that I can buy the sky lanterns myself from your office.

  20. dear team,
    i need around 30 lanterns, pls let me know how to procure the at the earliest.

  21. hello i want to lanntern in kalyan plss tell me how to buy

    call. 9321268009

  22. I want sky lentern, so give me details Offers shop.

  23. can u deliver good quality sky lantern in vile parle mumbai?

  24. Hi, This looks interesting. However, I am worried if the lanterns will be appropriate in foggy winter nights. I am looking at buying these for a winter wedding in Rajasthan. Will that be the best weather for sky lanterns?


  25. hi i would like to use these lanterns for my weddin but im a bit concerned bout 2 things
    i wantd to knw if how safe it is as it should not cause fire elsewhere n whn dose it settle down??
    if u would help me with these doubts it will be nice thanks.

  26. Hi,
    I want to place an order for about 25-30 wish lanterns. I have been calling on your number mentioned on your website since the last 2 days but no ones been answering
    Please get in touch with me ASAP on my email

  27. I want this on my wedding.I am residing in Kerala, there any legal restrictions in flying this in India? Saw in some countries it is banned.what about lighting a flying lantern in a place where electric lines are there? Will it be so hazardous? Saw in some videos the lanterns bursting after some time remaining in sky so that causing no further problems.will that be the same case with your lanterns?

    So sorry for these many questions.but I really want them for my wedding.thats why.
    Thanking you

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