wedding sky lantern

Weddings – Sky Lanterns

Add an element of wonder to your evening wedding festivities with an awe-inspiring display of sky lanterns. Sky lanterns are common in many Asian countries at festivals and events. They’re quiet, beautiful and symbolize your troubles and worries floating away.

Why fork over thousands of rupees on fireworks? Sky lanterns quietly and gracefully fill the sky with light while climbing slowly and gently into the nighttime sky like mini hot air balloons. Sky lanterns are commonly known as “wish lanterns,” guests can write wishes, thoughts or special messages and watch them float away to the heavens.

Sky lanterns are large 100% biodegradable and flame-retardant tissue paper balloons. An easy to light wax paper fuel cell at the bottom fills the sky lantern up with hot air. When filled they gracefully rise into the air, floating for as long as 20 minutes and not coming back down until they have completely burned out. Even on a perfectly clear night they will float out of sight.

While Sky lanterns can be used day or night, they are best flown at night when their light can easily be followed through the darkened sky. Light several sky lanterns at a time for a gorgeous evening display that will have your guests blown away.